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With the cost of healthcare skyrocketing in the US, many Americans are going abroad for medical treatments.  Medical Tourism in Thailand offers affordable medical care by American and European trained surgeons at a fraction of the cost in comparison to the American and European medical markets. While Americans may have an insurance package to offset the cost of healthcare, the offset is often not enough to cover the entire cost and elective services are often not covered.

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Medical tourism in Thailand offers Americans as well as individuals from other countries welcomed financial relief. Tourist can travel to Thailand, received exceptional medical care at a fraction of the cost of the same services in their home countries.  Furthermore, if the tourist is not too ill, he or she can take in the sights of a country filled with history, culture, traditions, and service.

Many of the Thai doctors boast US certifications and some have studied at renowned US institutions such as Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, Cedars Sinai, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Columbian and Roswell Park Cancer Institute.  An individual can therefore obtain the care of physicians trained at these renowned facilities and pay a fraction of the cost for the services.  All surgeons must be certified by the Thailand Medical Council.  The Thailand Medical Council is the equivalent of the American Medical Association.

In addition to receiving training in the top US institutions, some Thai surgeons are board certified in several countries including the US and Australia.  Again, the surgeons are deemed qualified by US standards and offer care at a much lower cost.   Some of the more popular services that individuals may obtain through medical tourism in Thailand include:  Eye surgery, Liposuctions, Facial Implants, Breast augmentations, Lasik surgery, Sex change procedures, Hair transplants, Botox injections, Tummy Tucks, Rhinoplasty.  There are a huge number of other services that can be selected—all at affordable prices.

Another draw for tourists traveling to Thailand for medical purposes is the Thailand hospitals.  Two of Thailand’s top hospitals cater to foreigners and offer both state of the art facilities and exceptional medical care.  Thailand boasts of its excellent customer service which is on display at many of Thailand’s hospitals. Rooms and services offered at these hospitals rivals some of the best five star hotels found in the US and Europe.

Being a country of service, Thailand also offers concierge service for visiting patients.  These concierge vendors offer services that include pick ups to and from the airports, and travel to appointments and facilities. Some services even offer sightseeing tours.  The concierge vendors of course know there country well and can point the medical tourist in the right direction when selecting, care facilities, restaurants and accommodations.

Thailand is one of the top tourist destinations of the world and as such Thailand facilities can offer services in the tourist’s language.  In many of the facilities, English is understood and spoken.

Despite all the positives of traveling to Thailand for medical services, including excellent doctors and fabulous facilities, the medical tourist should be wary of physicians whose reputation are less than ideal.  Additionally, the medical tourist should be attuned to Thailand’s season.  Thailand has three distinct seasons and the rainy season and the summer season may hinder touring activities.


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